To equip students to play an active role in Mining and allied Industry with the knowledge of State-of-the-art technologies for extraction of mineral resources in a socially responsible, economically viable and environment friendly manner.


To produce technically competent engineers who can understand and utilize the technological developments that may happen during their career and to recognize the needs of an environmentally sensitive society.

Mining Engineering is an engineering discipline that involves practice, theory, science, technology, and application of extracting and processing minerals from a naturally occurring environment. Mining engineering also includes processing minerals for value addition. The need for mineral extraction and production is an essential activity of modern industry. Mining activities by nature cause a disturbance to the environment in and around which the minerals are located.

Modern mining engineers must therefore be concerned not only with the production and processing of mineral commodities, but also with the mitigation of damage to the environment as a result of that production and processing.

The Mining Engineering is one of the main branches of engineering situated amidst the century old Kolar Gold Mines. Asia's largest mines, like Kudremukh Iron Ore and Neyveli Lignite are situated at a distance of less than 250 Kilometers. The Mining Engineering department has well-established labs and has an underground mine model, the only one of its kind in the State.

The department has a strong industry-institution interaction to enable exposure to the latest technological trends for students and teachers and to impart practical training at HGML, NMDC etc.

National Institute of Rock Mechanics (NIRM) a research institute extends facility for the training of students in various project works. Recent additions to the laboratory include a sophisticated electronics survey station and electronic precision level. The department also has a computer laboratory for data processing.

Dr. K. Ramesh
Name : Dr. K. Ramesh
Designation : Professor & HOD
Specialization : Remote Sensing & GIS
Qualification : Ph. D
Experience : 26
Email Id : [email protected]
Dr. Syed Ariff
Name : Dr. Syed Ariff
Designation : Principal
Specialization : Rock Mechanics
Qualification : Ph. D
Experience : 30
Email Id : [email protected]
Mr. Paul Prasanna Kumar
Name : Mr. Paul Prasanna Kumar
Designation : Assistant Professor
Specialization : Industrial Safety
Qualification : M. Tech
Experience : 6
Email Id : [email protected]
Mr. Kotnise K.G.
Name : Mr. Kotnise K.G.
Designation : Assistant Professor
Specialization : Geology
Qualification : M. Sc., (Ph.D)
Experience : 32
Email Id : [email protected]
Mr. Moses Silovam
Name : Mr. Moses Silovam
Designation : Assistant Professor
Specialization : Mining Engineering
Qualification : AMIE
Experience : 46
Email Id : [email protected]
Mr. Rock Stoney
Name : Mr. Rock Stoney
Designation : Assistant Professor
Specialization : Geology
Qualification : M. Sc
Experience : 44
Email Id : [email protected]
Mr. Vikram P.
Name : Mr. Vikram P.
Designation : Lecturer
Specialization : Palentology
Qualification : B. E
Experience : 1
Email Id : [email protected]
Mr. P.Vijaya Raghavan
Name : Mr. P.Vijaya Raghavan
Designation : Associate Professor
Specialization : Environmental Engineering
Qualification : M. Tech (Ph. D)
Experience : 14
Email Id : [email protected]